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Post by Yukari Yakumo on Sat Dec 14, 2013 5:21 pm

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Kingdom Hearts RPG is a text-based role-playing forum, and one of those most popular Kingdom Hearts RP sites that exist.

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The site was created shortly after the NA release of Kingdom Hearts II, in 2007. The site been through a lot since then. Hundreds of members have come and gone. Ownership of the site has also been passed down several times. The original site was hacked and deleted, which resulted in the migration to the current site. Despite the forum's age, we are constantly up to date with the Kingdom Hearts franchise.

Because the site started after the end of Kingdom Hearts II and before the following games (except Birth By Sleep), many events have changed and or never happened at all, as the members have created their own history. The events that had taken place in Dream Drop Distance and re:Coded did not happen on the site.

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It has been about six years since Sora had defeated Xemnas and returned to his life on Destiny Islands. Since then, the heroes and villains (including Sora) have seemed to fade out of the spotlight. The walls between the worlds have been completely torn down, allowing anybody to travel to any world. New and different people have risen during the past six years, creating their very own histories and stories. Wars have been waged, alliances and organizations have risen and fallen, and worlds have fallen. New legends have been made.

It seems, though, that the heroes and villains of old have started to fade back onto stage. A new Organization has rose up. Maleficent has been seen, scheming. A Remnant of a memory has also shown himself. A storm seems to be brewing.

Will you be a new legend? Will you aid the worlds and the side of Light? Or will you turn to Darkness and choose to destroy the worlds instead? Will you be the next Keyblade Master, or will you prefer to use your own weapon? The choice is completely up to you. You are free to choose the path to take, and to determine your own destiny.

Kingdom Hearts RPG Asd10

The community is composed of nice and funny people. While tensions may arise between characters, friendships and friendly conversations are generally made between members. Feel free to jump in the chatbox and join the conversation!

We have a post-based system that has been in use since the very start. Since then, we have revised and updated it constantly, making it as fair and attractive as possible. However, it is in no way perfect, but we're getting there.

Do you have a certain plot you want to play out? You are, of course, welcome to play it out here. Or, perhaps, do you have trouble coming up with a plot? Feel free to ask other members to help you out!

Do you have trouble finding people to RP with? Find an open topic and jump right in. Or, join the chatbox and ask around. You're also free to PM any member.

Do you have a suggestion for the site? Perhaps you've found a kink in the system, or maybe you think that the site would be better if an idea you had was implemented? We have a Suggestions section, where you can post it up, where it will then be discussed by the members and staff alike. However, we can't guarantee that every suggestion will be incorporated.

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