Something Wicked This Way Blows (Closed)

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Something Wicked This Way Blows (Closed) Empty Something Wicked This Way Blows (Closed)

Post by Yukari Yakumo on Wed Oct 29, 2014 7:19 pm

The shrine was quiet.  Yes, that was the way to describe it.

Everything was quiet.  The little oni couldn't be heard snoring, the shrine maiden couldn't be heard complaining, even the sound of fairies having fun via their various pranks was mute.  Nothing could be heard.  It was almost like Gensokyo itself was settling.  One could find it peaceful; another could find it disturbing.  One of the many things that caused incidents, actually.  Not that it mattered.  That was Reimu's job.  After all, she was the local incident solver and youkai hunter.  Every case that she has been on has been solved with utmost haste.  The same went for that black-and-white magician Marisa, despite the hi-jinx she managed to get herself into quite often.  But who was to say that everyone didn't get into trouble every now and then?  Saying you weren't would be a complete lie, seriously.

The silence wasn't absolute, however.  There was one faint sound that shifted by ears.  It was an action that moved flowers ever so gracefully.  It was an action that could turn form delicate to harsh in an instant.  It was the wind.  This was calm and soothing for ordinary people, yes, but for an all-powerful youkai like Yukari Yakumo, this wind was a strange omen.  One that could not be told easily.  The wind seemed to move around strangely, as if it wasn't sure where it was supposed to go.  Almost like it was foretelling events to come - unpredictable and spontaneous, acting upon a whim, even something that could end in an instant.  Yes, this omen was a strange one, even to Yukari's standards.  Was it telling of the next incident?  Or were they just minor events that the youkai should just stay out of?  Questions, questions...

And as Yukari stood atop the Hakurei Shrine, staring off into the distance and letting the wind blow carelessly past her smooth hair, the youkai had one question stuck in her mind: Why?  Why now of all times?  It couldn't have been triggered by recent events: according to Reimu, Shinmyoumaru fixed everything she did wrong using the Miracle Mallet, and Seija seemed to settle down after going on a fugitive streak.  So what gave?  Perhaps a new threat was about to occur?  Maybe an old nuisance would rise up (or come down because, y'know, celestials) and spark the biggest fight in Gensokyo's history?  Or, like stated before, it was a simple minuscule thing that Yukari had no reason to get herself mixed in.  Yukari doubted the latter; this felt too unordinary to be some normal weather occurence (and not harsh enough to be Tenshi's fun and games).

"Well," Yukari stated aloud to nobody but herself, "Gensokyo did need something to happen.  Heck, this spark might be bigger than anything that even I expect."  Half-lie: she somewhat expected quite a lot.

Yukari opened up a gap behind her before turning gracefully and walking inside, the same vortex closing shut behind her immediately afterwards.  Yes, Gensokyo was in for the ride of its life.  For now, Yukari would just sit on the sidelines and see what would happen before taking action.  After all, she was one of the people who knew how to make Gensokyo a better place.

Okay, maybe a tolerable place.
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