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Name: Yukari Yakumo

Species: Unknown Youkai

Age: Unknown, but at least over 1000.

Yukari Yakumo Yakumo.Yukari.full.78454

Nationality: Where she came form is unknown, but she currently lives in the Great Hakurei Barrier.

Affiliation: Neutral

Personality: Yukari has a laid-back personality.  She is very lazy and prefers to have others, such as her shikigami Ran, to do the work for her.  However, this doesn't mean she won't work at all; if she needs to, like during Imperishable Night, Yukari will get up and do things herself.  Most of the time, though, when she does do something, it's to benefit herself in some way, whether it be something that threatens he among others, or just part of one of her schemes.

Yukari can get a bit playful at time, using her abilities to mess with others.  Of course, this is just for fun, since being an immortal can get boring at times.  A lot of times, Yukari goes through stages of hibernation, similar to animals like bears.  She usually speaks to others elegantly with a hint of immaturity in it.

Abilities: Boundary Control: Yukari can manipulate the boundaries of anything any way she pleases, able to mend things such as the Great Hakurei Barrier or, if she wanted to, make a wide hole in it.

Onmyoudou: Taoist-derived arts.  This is the name Yukari's ability to use spells involving barriers and shikigami is called.

Gap Creation: Using boundary control, Yukari can create gaps that act as portals between places.  However, the Moon and Heaven have strict limitations.

Flight: Yukari can fly.  Nuff said.

History: Long ago, say, about a thousand years, Yukari was friends with a human named Yuyuko Saigyouji.  Soon, though, Yuyuko drove herself to suicide because she could not control her abilities over death, so Yukari remained friends with Yuyuko's ghost, despite the latter eventually forgetting why she had died and who she used to be.  Around the same time, Yukari led an invasion to the moon.  She said her intentions were to gain power, but it actually seemed to be to teach the youkai a lesson in trying to expand and invade other places, limiting them to Gensokyo.

Many years later, Yuyuko asked Yukari to weaken the border between the Netherworld and Gensokyo in order to start her plan to make the Saigyou Ayakashi bloom.  The gap youkai only did it because she knew it was going to fail, yet didn't say anything because she was too busy napping.  Unfortunately, she was also too busy sleeping to put the barrier back to normal after the incident, so Yukari ended up being attacked by Reimu, Marisa, and Sakuya.  After a battle, she agreed to put the barrier back up.

Yukari's antics continued later, when a strange mist appeared at Hakurei shrine, causing a feast to happen every few days.  Yukari knew that Suika was behind this, so she had a plan to get her in trouble by taking everyone's sake and planning to blame it on Suika.  Suika didn't want to go down so easily, though; only after Yukari beat her up did the oni go to fix the problem.

A fake moon was put up the eve of the Harvest Moon Festival, so Yukari dragged Reimu along to go solve the incident that was being caused by Kaguya and her rabbits.  Afterwards, they agreed to go attack Mokou for Kaguya.

After the strange weather incident, Yukari went to check on the Hakurei Shrine, only to realize that Tenshi, who said she would fix it, still hadn't fixed it.  Yukari decided to teach her a lesson, so she hiked up Youkai Mountain, beating up Komachi, Marisa, and Iku along the way, to arrive at Heaven, only to find not Tenshi, but Suika.  Suika said that Tenshi wasn't here right now, and challenged Yukari to a battle.  The gap youkai won the match before heading back to Hakurei Shrine to stop Tenshi from adding her own little tidbits to the shrine.

RP Sample: Yukari stepped out to the Hakurei Shrine, waiting around for someone to arrive.  She could have been sleeping, which was always a good option to her, but she wanted to tell Reimu something.  The more she thought about sleeping, though, the more she almost forgot what she wanted to say.  The problem was that it was near her time for hibernation.  Maybe she could raid Reimu's cabinets for some (most of her) snacks.  Yeah, that sounded like a plan.  Reimu would mind, but Yukari didn't care.  She wanted something, so she planned on getting it.

But not now.  Despite Reimu being out doing...whatever shrine maiden business she actually does, Yukari wasn't one to take without asking and/or beating them into a pulp.  In fact, she had beat the pulp out of a few fairies earlier because they wanted to pull a prank on her.  Normally, she wouldn't care what the fairies did to the shrine, since it wasn't her problem.  The moment she became involved would be the one where fairies would regret ever meeting her.  Where were they now?  She was pretty sure she heard some moaning in the bush.  Yeah, that's probably where the gap youkai left them.

Yukari's patience grew thin soon.  The youkai nonchalantly walked closer to the Great Hakurei Barrier and sighed.  She was tired of waiting.  And it was time for one of her many daily naps.  Yukari opened a gap but turned around.

Wait...there was one more thing to do.

After a few moments, Yukari walked out of the shrine and went back to the gap that she had opened before.  She had some food in her hands and left a few unconscious fairies inside the shrine.  There, everything Yukari wanted to do was done.  The youkai calmly laughed as she walked into her gap, disappearing.
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