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Domino City has always been a popular location for Dueling. Duelist pour in from all over the world just to be a part of the ever growing city of excitement and adventure. However, Domino isn't all about dueling just for fun and games, this city is often plagued by evils and those who chose to manipulate the Shadow Realm and Duel Spirits for their own agendas. Come and help us fight off the darkness, or perhaps you're here as part of the trouble spreading through Domino. While your in Domino, whether you know a lot about Dueling or nothing at all, you can join into the Domino College, just outside of the bustling city. Here you are taught about dueling and you actively duel against other students in order to improve your skills and decks.

Don't worry if you are solely interested in Role Playing, because our site is built around being able to Role Play all around the forum and we even have plots involved where you can take part in the events without needing any experience with

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