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Post by ATGO Staff on Thu Dec 26, 2013 10:58 am

[enter][color:2a03=337788]As Time Goes On...

Sam and Dean Winchester saved the world, once again. They saved it from Lucifer and Lilith... Oh, then there was Crowley and Dick Roman and his posse of vile creatures. Well, now there's another 'end of the world' coming, are the boys ready for it?

The boys were sure that they had saved the world for the last time, but like always, as soon as they sit down to relax, the world needs to be saved again. Abbadon is still around and raising all kinds of hell, hoping to finally take over hell while taking care of the Winchesters and their bloodline. Abbadon has been recruiting other supernatural creatures, telling them it's her way or she kills them off, sweet, simple, and to the point. Abbadon would love nothing better than to be sitting in the king of hell's chair with the Winchesters' bloodline heads on plates.

While things are falling apart and looking like the boys have to save the world again, there's is Bobby Singer's only daughter raising her son on her own with her best friend. Eleanor and her son, Joshua, are in for a big surprise when Dean shows up on her doorstep to tell her the news, he needs her help. Eleanor has a dirty secret for Dean that she's only ever told Bobby and Haley before. How Dean will take finding out he has a son?

Abbadon has demons out taking other hunters, torturing them for information on Bobby's daughter. Eleanor's been in hiding since high school when she got pregnant with Dean's son. Abbadon wants Eleanor and Joshua for herself, hoping it will lure Dean into walking right into the trap she has set. While Eleanor and Joshua are in Raven Oak, Illinois she has Abbadon thinking she's in Orange County, California.

Can Eleanor and Joshua stay out of reach of Abbadon? Can Dean and Sam save the world by taking out Abbadon before she has the chance to wipe out all of humanity? Will Dean and Eleanor be able to work out the problems they have left unsolved since high school? Stay tune to As Time Goes On to find out.

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